jeudi 7 février 2008

Heureux gagnant grace a l'Union Europeenne

Nouvelle et intéressante variante… mais je vous promets que dès que j'aurai touché les 50.000 €uros qui me sont promis, j'en redistribuerai une grande partie.

Extraits de l'en-tête:
[ah ah, serait-ce Nicolas attentif à la redistribution européenne?]
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From: European Commission
[Cette adresse-là est sans doute la seule vraie!]
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De : European Commission [mailto:info @ ec.europa. org] [Cette adresse-là est sans doute la seule vraie!]

European Commission
Enterprise and Industry DG
Communication and Information Unit/R4
BREY 13/ 092
B - 1049 Brussels (Belgium)

We bring to your notice the decision by the board of trustees of The European Union to choose you as one of the final recipients of a cash grant/donation for your own personal, educational, and business development (SME funding).

To promote growth and creating new jobs in the European economy, we are giving out a yearly donation of €500,000.00 (five hundred thousand Euros) to 10 lucky recipients who have been selected from over 25,000 websites all over the globe, as funding/aid from the European Union, European Commission, and the United Nations
[rien que ça?] in accordance with enabling acts of Parliament.

Please contact paying office (England)
Name: Dr. Dominic Brett
E-mail: [drôle d'adresse, non!]

Remember to quote your identification numbers. Find your identification numbers below:


Note that these numbers fall within your location file.

Thank you and accept my congratulations once again!

Janet Williamson
Information Officer and Coordinator,
Scottish European Resources Network

the information in this e-mail may be confidential and/or privileged. If you are not the intended recipient or an authorized representative of the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, dissemination or copying of this e-mail and its attachments, if any, or the information contained herein is prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please immediately notify the sender by return e-mail and delete this e-mail from your computer system. Thank you.

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  1. bonjour :tout le monde a besoin d'argent et quand il s'agit d'un message ou e-mail dont tu es l'heureux fond de nous on ne le crois pas mais la curiosité nous ne laisse pas tranquil.
    jamais la faim donne du pain.tout est arnaque scam.le monde a changé merci aux escrocs


    Dear Beneficiary,

    This email confirms receipt of the requested details and also indicates that the process of release of your SME grant/funds is now started.

    As requested by the Commission, there are specific conditions that need to be fulfilled by you. This includes series of paper works and necessary documents needed to complete the process. Note that it is a process and must be completed successfully, before your funds can be released.

    Therefore, you are instructed to complete the Power of Attorney form from our secured website. Note that the Power of Attorney is necessary as it grants me the right to complete/sign certain documents on your behalf.

    Please, visit the link below to complete the Power of Attorney form online:

    Once your application is validated and approved by the commission, further information will be presented to you.


    Dr. Dominic Brett
    (EC Paying Office)
    EU United Kingdom.
    Phone number:+447-035-900589


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